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Mochemad Beach

Mochemad beach is a tiny hamlet at a distance of 10 km from Vengurla in Sindhudurg District. The beach of Mochemad is a picturesque sight surrounded by 200 ft. high mountain ranges and hills. Added attraction of the beach is the plantations of Suru Trees in abundance. Tourists seeking seclusion ,solace and on route to Shiroda from Vengurla often visit Mochemad village and beach.


Achara Beach

Located at 22 km from Malvan and 36 km from Kankavali is the Achara beach. Achara beach is amongst the charming Sindhudurga beaches. This beach is a paradise for swimmers, anglers and for sunbathing. Dolphins have been spotted recently in the Achara sea. Dolphin season is between October and February. Migrating birds also can be seen here during seasons. There are some fishing activities around here but mostly it is a good space to chill with the sea waves.



Shiroda Velagar Beach

Velagar beach is 19 km from Vengurla. It is a beautiful lonely beach.The greenery on the beachside is marvelous. Velagar beach is characterized by natural beauty,sparkling blue waters,cool sea breeze that whispers through the towering cajuring plantations on the beach. All these is a feast for the eyes of the visitors.

Shri V. S. Khandekar the great Marathi author and the winner of Dnyapeeth award worked from 1920 to 1938 as a primary and secondary school teacher in this place. So this place has got its own identity.

The Pansal near Shiroda is one more experience to watch. Mahatma Gandhi did salt satyagraha at Shiroda in 1930.Another tourist attraction nearby consists of the Redi Ganesh Temple, Sagareshwar beach, Mochemad Beach, Shiroda Mithagar and the Terekhol Fort

Reaching Velagar beach :

  • Alight down at Sawantwadi Station when making journey by Konkan railway.
  • Dabolim, Goa when making journey by air.




In the vicinity of Kille Nivati lies the Bhogave Beach. Bhogave beach is just 10 to 12 km from Malvan. Foamy waves and silver sand is what the Bhogave beach is endowed with.This beach is beautiful and clean.

As the beach is scerene and calm it is just the perfect place for the person, fed up of city life. This beach has lush green surroundings and golden sands.Facilities includes boating, fishing and even the sea beach resort is available.

The birdwatchers enjoy the birds playing, dancing, eating on this beach. This beach will surely destress you! Village Bhogave has another attraction of unification of sea and river named Karli. This beach came in lime light in 1988-89 and after that it has emerged as the hotest tourist destination. This beach enjoys yet another magnetic characteristic, that is being a habitation of Dolfines. Charming tricks of dolphins are really eye-candy. Place is ready for welcoming tourists with its state-of-the-art resort and other facilities for various activities.




One of the most famous attractions of the Tarkarli city is the Tarkarli beach.The Tarkalrli beach is called as the ‘Queen Beach' of Sindhudurg. Tarkarli is 6kms south of Malvan .Tarkarli is a narrow stretch of beach with its pristine waters being the speciality of the beach. The Tarkarli beach is located at the convergence of the  Arabian Sea and the Karli River. Because of its transparently clear seas this place has gained prominence.

At times it is even possible to see the seabed unto a depth of 20 ft. Water sport lovers can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving. Location of the city,at the confluence of the Karli River with the Arabian Sea, makes it home to one of the most picturesque beaches in India. Sea and sand blending in enchanting natural harmony, gracefully cruising boats in calm and cool river waters add to the beauty of this beach. Tarkarli, do make a point to taste special Malvani food such as variety of fish items, ‘kombadi-vada'.

Additional beauty of the Tarkarli Beach which provides the green background to the white beach sands are the Shuru trees.The beautiful sailboats and the tiny magnificent islands make the beach more delightful. 2 houseboats, namely, Hiranyakeshi (a deluxe houseboat) and Karli (a standard houseboat) are at the service of discerning traveler. These fully equipped luxury boats have the Hi-tech equipment and all luxurious amenities on board. One can indulge in swimming too.The small island hamlets, seen on the bank of the Karli River, seem to enhance the magnificence with which the beach is bestowed.One should not forget to visit Padmagarh fort and Sindhudurg Fort situated close by.There is an excellent government resort near the beach for accommodation.


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