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Malvan Tourism

About Malvan

Malvan is a place that will give you a true sense of the Konkan coast. Malvan is the southern-most tip of Maharastra Situated at about 514 km from Mumbai. Malvan which is located in the Konkan coast is surrounded by the Sahayadri ranges. Malvan is a culturally and historically important town in Sindhudurg District. This town is a Taluka place in Sindhudurg District. Malvan is a place of historical monuments with exotic & dazzling coastline The beautiful beaches, forts and the adventure activies attracts tourists the more. Aangnechi wadi,Achra, Khalchi Devli,Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol and Sarjekot are the villages in the Malvan taluka. One cant ignore the Malvani cuisiness which includes Rice & Fishcurry .

Malvan is not only known for Malvani Hapus(Alphonso) mango but also known for sweets such as Malvani Khaja (Sweet made from besan flour & coated jaggery). One thing unique about Malvan is the dramatic kind called Malvani Dashavtar. A well known dramatists and T.V. actor Mr. Machindra Kambli is from Malvan taluka.This is how the Malvan name happens to be. Malvan is a Sweet Heart of Sindhudurg & a very popular tourist destination. Old Malvan was once an inner island and is now part of the mainland consisting of the two old and impressive forts- the Sindhudurg and Padmagad. The two forts had an underground tunnel joining the forts . Malvan an erstwhile trading center is now famous for its Chinese clay pottery, saltpans, and its seafood-based cuisine. Malvan is located near tarkarli. There are various facilities like scuba diving. Even if you are not a swimmer, or even 70 yrs old person can enjoy snorkling into the sea with safe hands Malvan has clean & serene beaches.

The climate of Malvan is similar to Mumbai, both being coastal towns. The climate of Malvan tends to get extremely hot  similar to Mumbai. The best time to pay visit is the rainy season i.e, from June to October.  Most of the people living in this area are educated- Malvan is believed to have 100% literacy.


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