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Rajkot and Sarjekot forts are to the north of Malvan. Rajkot is at the northwest of the town, and stood on a promontory. Three of its four faces was protected by the sea. Sindhudurg fort was built using stones carved out from the Rajkot fort.

Location :

Rajkot fort is half a km away by coast way from Malvan jetty. It is situated in west-north direction of Sindhudurga fort




Nivati Fort is located at a distance of 35 Km from Venguala. Nivati fort is a small fort. Watching the scenary surrounding the fort is a thrilling experience. A great attraction of this fort is you can have a beautiful view of the area. Greentrees, red soil, bluesea the whites and sea beach of Bhogave, make you wonderstruck.



Shivgad fort is located at Ghonsari, Phondaghat. This  fort is a major attraction for the adventurous tourists, trekkers and the mountaineers. The view of the area surrounding the fort is a major attraction here since the terrain and peaks of this region comes in contact with Asia's largest known biodiversity for flora and founa Dajipur Bison sentcury.
To reach the Shivgad fort one has to go through the Dajipur forest. Gagangad and Kasarde Salva mountains clearly visible from this fort. There is also a temple of Goddess Bhavanimata's. Cannons are also seen inside the fort but to vive all this one has to trek to the top.



Vijaydurg which means the "Victory Fort", was built by  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the mouth of  Vaghotane creek in the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India. Vijaydurg Fort is surrounded by sea from three sides, and was once called as Girye or Gheriya. Vijaydurg Fort is not only amongst the great forts of Konkan but also is one of the many historically important sites.

Inorder to defend the shoreline on the Arabian Sea the Vijaydurg fort was built. The defence architecture is very superb and fantastic. The fort was the stronghold of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji. The fort was strengthen by adding impressive features including the triple line of huge walls, numerous towers and the spacious interior buildings in the 17th century by Shivaji Maharaj. In 17th 18th century the fort played an important role in Maratha history as it strengthened the navy.

The fort covers an area of six hectares and consists of 27 Buruj (tower) inside the fort of which some have three floors. Kothi Pirachi Sadar, Kitta Sadar, Jails, Jakhinis Canon are the huge stones used for construction purpose. The platform built in the deep sea for guarding are worth visiting . Shivaji Maharaj led the foundation of the Hanuman temple near entrance gate of the fort. This fort is a complex in itself as there is an office of Archaeological Survey of India, Police Station, commander's house and three lines of defences. The well in the fort is 800years old and the water of the well is very sweet. Many tourists are visiting this fort. The three fortified walls stand proud and constantly being tested by time and the unforgiving sea.
Vijaydurg is famous all over the world for its delicious Alphonso mangoes, and this becomes quite evident on the approach to Devgad. Mango plantations are everywhere as it is alongside fishing and farming, the main occupation of the people in Devgad.

Other sites of interest near the fort are the Sindhudurg Fort and the Padamgarh Fort.Rajapur Road Railway Station and Kudal Railway Station, on the Konkan Railways, are the nearest railway stations.




Padmadurg is a fort in Maharashtra, India.The fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj to the northwest of Janjira. This Fort  is also called as 'Kasa' . The main idea behind building this fort was to protect the Sindhudurga fort from the landward side.
The sea fort of Padmadurg is not as big as Janjira but still the fort can be visited and enjoyed. Visiting the fort requires taking permission from Custom\Navy. The fort was not only a part of Sindhudurg's defenses but  was also Shivaji Maharaj's main ship construction yard. The fort looks great from Janjira. There was a belt of land from Dandi seashore to Padmadurga but it got blown away under the water in 2004.

The fort of Padmadurg is now almost disappeared into the sea because of the effect of Tsunami in Indonesia. The fort lay between the Sindhudurga and the coast, and featured a dry dock - a narrow tongue of water between two rock walls. It is said that there was an underground way to sindhudurga fort.There are no direct boat fares to the fort as a result of which the visitors have to hire a personal boat. The walls of the fort are unable to stop the sea water some portion of fort is taken by sea water sometimes.


The Padmadurg fort is half a km away from Malvan jetty by sea way. It is situated in east-north direction of Sindhudurga fort.

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